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An interactive VR music video for 6dof head/hands VR headsets made for the 2018 Austin VR Jam!

Move your wands like a conductor in time to the music to gather energy, then cast your wand at the ground to grow things!

All 3D models were sculpted with clay, photographed on a custom built automatically rotating Arduino turntable, processed with 3DF Zephyr, and finally cleaned up/repaired/decimated in Oculus Medium before being brought into Unity. Every model (except one) was photographed and processed at the jam, some models were also sculpted during the jam.


Emily E Meo (Audio & SFX) - https://twitter.com/EmilyEMeo

Daniel Perry (Audio, Animation, Programming) - https://twitter.com/danieldpperry

Andrew Griffith (Photogrammetry) - https://www.instagram.com/variegatedmedia/

Tim Fields (Clay Modeling, Photogrammetry post-processing in Oculus Medium)

Fox Buchele - https://twitter.com/FoxBuchele


V0.4.zip 248 MB

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